PF Condenser

PF Condenser

Modine invented the microchannel condenser and trademarked it as PF®, parallel flow. Modine has extensive experience with PF technology and applying it in residential and commercial applications. Making products using controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) is a core competency for Modine and this capability is demonstrated daily in the millions of CAB products we produce.

Microchannel coil technology offers OEMs numerous advantages. These coils are available up 48 x 100 inches (1200mm x 2540mm), offering sizes that provide solutions for many commercial, residential and industrial HVAC/R systems.

We realize that each market has unique requirements, thus, our designs and equipment are tailored to the market. Modine offers coils with PF technology for the following markets:

  • HVAC/R
  • Truck
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Vehicle

PF is the microchannel condenser solution for the HVAC/R industry offering advantages, such as:

  • Lower internal volume that reduces the refrigerant charge
  • Reduced face area for smaller cabinetry, saving cost
  • Reduced depth for lower air-side pressure drop and greater heat transfer efficiency
  • Improved corrosion resistance for longer service life
  • Greater heat transfer efficiency for higher system efficiency (SEER/EER)

Available in numerous sizes to fit application needs:

  • Depths: 0.5, 0.75 and 1.1 inches (14mm, 19mm and 27mm
  • Heights: up to 48 inches (1200mm) (tubes tall)
  • Lengths: up to 100 inches (2540mm) finned length (not including headers)
  • Optional: E-coat for enhanced corrosion resistance and longer service life is also available

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